The Hotel

A little known fact ingrained in the aura of Trincomalee is that with the turn of the modern era, English authors and poets used Trincomalee as inspiration for literature and poetry. This was personified by non other than Sir Arthur C. Clarke who discovered underwater ruins with photographer Mike Wilson and described the city and the ruins in Reefs of Taprobane and would go on to write 2001: A Space Odyssey based on his experiences in the city.

Today, it is not all about the sun, surf and the beach on this celebrated town located on the North East Coast. Trincomalee is home to a wonderful golfing resort aptly named Golf Link Hotel, Sandy Bay, Trincomalee. This course has all the latest golfing equipment with obstacles including sand bunkers and water hazards which continues to win fame from esteemed golfers who are keen to have a golfing holiday par Excellence, away from the accustomed chilly climates of the hills.

Golf Link Hotel is located at a picturesque location flanked by a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. A clean and natural environment provides visitors an unforgettable glimpse of natures offering and provides the perfect setting for a host of water sports and beach activities including a game of golf.